Version Date Details 2016 Initial Public Release
1.1.0 2017 Minor updates to functions
1.2.0 Jan 2018 Minor updates that may include Breaking Changes
1.2.1 March 2018 Minor updates that may include Breaking Changes
1.2.2 TBA Minor updates Not yet published!

1.2.2 Features

  • Added Absolute/Relative parameters to add-wordshape
  • Added ability to add theme to add-wordShape when downloading a picture
  • Fixed Save-WordDocument bug where it would not save documents correctly

1.2.1 Features

  • Update New-WordInstance including adding WindowState and renamed Visable parameter
  • Update Save-WordDocument including updated Parameter Set (Possible Breaking Change)
  • Update Close-WordDocument added SaveOptions and OriginalFormat (Possible Breaking Change)
  • Update Close-WordInstance & Close-WordDocument added better error checking when closing documents and word instance
  • Update Add-wordText to support Allcaps,Bold,DoubleStrikeThrough,Italic,Size,SmallCaps,StrikeThrough,SubScript,SuperScript, Underline, Font, NoParagraph Parameters, renamed wdcolor to textcolor with alias for backward compatibility.
  • Code Improvements Add-wordtable & Add-wordtext

1.2.0 Features

  • Rewrite of Module to assist writing simplified scripts.
  • New New-WordInstance and New-WordDocument Functions.
  • Hiding of functions no longer required.
  • Started adding Comment Based Help