Create Documentation directly from PowerShell. Simple Installation from PowerShell Gallery, and as long as you have MS Word Installed you will be creating .docx, .pdf, .html files in minutes!

Notable Features

  • Create Word Documents Directly from PowerShell
  • Send any PowerShell Object and Create a Table
  • Ability to change templates
  • Alility to use builtin themes


WordDoc is a Powershell Script Module that is hosted on Powershell Gallery. It works like any other PowerShell Module


  • PowerShell 5 (should work on powershell 3 or 4 as well)
  • Microsoft Word 2016 (should work on Word 2010/2013 as well)


This PowerShell Script Module is free distributed under the MIT License

Using this Module Commercially ?

Lots of hours have gone into the module and example scripts development, So your small donation of a few dollars is much appreciated, and will help me continue improving. Show your Appreciation